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Thanks for sending in your order. Unfortunately SELECTION More points are rewarded only to registered users but don’t forget to register yourself on your next order. Our Smile More loyalty program will only add to the fun while shopping with THE SELECTION.

Upon registration you become a part of our SELECTION More program and we know you will love it. It’s our program that pays back for smiles. For details you can visit : Loyalty Program

Here’s how our SELECTION More program works. For every 1000 points redeemed, you earn AED 15 if you are a yellow tier member and AED 25 if you are a black tier member. You can redeem your points online through website or mobile application. Congratulations, you might be paying in smiles on your next online purchase..

Many congratulations on earning those points. To redeem your points for an online purchase you can either contact customer care or redeem via mobile app redeem point’s option.

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